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Honing My Arch-ery Skills

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Over the previous weekend, I started working on a couple packages for the Arch User Repository (AUR for short). The first one is for QtSixA which I adopted from maandree and then updated. The updates included adding udev rules for automatically pairing SixAxis controllers with sixpair as well as fixing a couple errors that namcap had pointed out to me (wrong version of python being called). I ended up learning how to best setup a PKGBUILD and how to use diff (as opposed to git and vimdiff). The second one is for GIMP Painter which I’m working on for myself and will be sharing with the community. There is a PKGBUILD for GIMP Painter in the AUR already but it’s for version 2.6.10 which is over two years old. The PKGBUILD that I’ll be uploading for GIMP Painter will pull its code from the gimp-painter-2.7 branch of the GIMP Painter git repository and compile it.

Last week, I started working on the 32-bit chroot for the 64-bit installation that I needed for compiling WINE and custom Linux kernels for Android devices. I used xyne’s arch32-light package to setup and configure the chroot. All that needed to be done was:

sudo pacman32 -Sy bash coreutils filesystem grep gzip licenses sed base-devel distcc

and I was ready to go.

That’s all I’m working on for now along with a few other things (which I may or may not elaborate on in a future post).