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How Photography Affects Me

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As I listen to Lindsey Stirling’s Elements and reading the darktable 1.4 manual, I started thinking about why I want to do photography as a hobby and possibly a profession on the side of my main profession (whatever that may be). Over the past several months, I’ve had things go really well for me for a short time only to crash and burn in the end. I always wanted to go a shoot photographs and had intended to acquire a Ricoh GR just for that purpose. I had then borrowed my father’s old film camera.

I went out one day and shot whatever caught my eye with that camera.

My perception changed.

I after analyzing certain areas of my life and trying to improve them, I hit rock bottom. No job. No longer enrolled in college. I am now free to live life on my terms almost entirely. I had looked at a Fujifilm X-E1, but went back to the Ricoh GR due to its size, versatility, and native support for its RAW files in darktable. Spending time with my sisters is more important than before. To that end, I acquired a Nintendo 3DS and Pokemon X in order to play alongside them (even when I’m not around). I’ve also taken up reading Beautiful Creatures (The Castor Chronicles) as well. Learning for the sake of learning how to think instead of learning for the sake of making more money is what I do now. Starting with CS50x course and learning in a way that I can continuously apply what I’m learning to my everyday life. This will ensure that I don’t forget what I’ve learned through inaction as I could not readily apply it to any area of my life at the time.

All of this is thanks to me using that old manual film camera and a couple rolls of film.