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Building FreeCAD for Arch

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I wished to get into to 3D printing as a way of furthering my knowledge on industrial design and manufacturing. After looking at Shapeways, I knew that I could use Blender for modeling the parts that I needed to print. Blender wasn’t originally made for that purpose which could slow me down in the long run. FreeCAD was the only alternative that I know of it required installation via the AUR. In doing so, I’d need to build six more packages from the AUR as dependencies for this one piece of software. Since I had used cower to pull in the PKGBUILDs for all of the packages that I needed to build, all I had to do was build and installation everything. I used that set of code to do so:

for i in eigen3 opencascade libspnav coin soqt pivy-hg freecad-git
cd ~/AUR/$i
makepkg -ics --noconfirm

This code when run, goes into the directory for each of the packages, creates and installs that package, and goes back to my home directory at the end. I could go further with this but I like to keep my computer science skills at the forefront of my mind.